Puppy Training Classes

Puppy School

Taking your puppy to relaxed puppy training classes that use kind, effective, and gentle methods, is the single most important thing you can do to help your puppy become a happy, well-behaved and well-adjusted family pet. It is also great fun for all the family, is very rewarding, and will mean that all members of the family are more confident and safe around dogs.

The first few months of a dog’s life – up to 16 weeks – are the most important in terms of developing their personality. It is a short time when they must learn how to interact with other dogs and animals (including people), as well as how to cope with the demands of the world around them. If they are not carefully introduced to as many sights, sounds and environments as possible at this early stage, they are very likely to later develop into potentially dangerous and unpredictable animals with untreatable behaviour problems. At the very least, they will need lots of additional work in order to become a good family pet.

I run weekly online puppy training classes, or across North London, including Islington (N1), Muswell Hill (N11) and Temple Fortune (NW11), having been trained by renowned dog behaviourist Gwen Bailey, following the methods she uses for her Puppy School classes nationwide.

Puppy School classes are organised into a course of six fun lessons for adults and accompanied children.

Classes are limited in size to six puppies, to give you and your puppy the personalised attention you need, and to ensure that your puppy does not find the experience overwhelming.

You will be given all the information you need to ensure that you can give your puppy the best start in life.

Amongst many things you will be taught at Puppy School how to:

  • Get your puppy to walk well on a loose lead
  • Help them learn how to act around humans
  • Help them handle strangers
  • Help them interact with adult dogs
  • Teach them basic commands like “come here”, “sit”, “stay”
  • Deal with common puppy “problems” such as toilet training, jumping up, play-
  • Biting (mouthing)
  • Teach them doggy tricks!

IMPORTANT – What to bring to each training class:

  • Your puppy, ideally hungry for their dinner!
  • A vaccination certificate – no puppy will be allowed to join classes without this
  • A soft, flat collar (with buckle or strong clip rather than one that tightens on tension) and lead (no chains, harnesses or flexi-leads). Harnesses on tiny dogs are ok though and certain harnesses may be recommended as training progresses
  • Some treats your puppy really loves (e.g. cheese, frankfurter, dog choc drops, kibbles of smelly cat food, cooked dried liver) – bring different sorts so that they don’t get bored of one type during the evening
  • Bedding for your puppy to rest on
  • A water bowl for your puppy
  • Your puppy’s favourite toys to reward good behaviour with, and to help them feel at home
  • Comfortable clothes and flat shoes – suitable for moving around on the floor in. High heeled shoes can injure puppies
  • The rest of your family (if aged 5 and upwards)! Your puppy is one of the family, so everyone should know how to and enjoy interacting with them

To book a course of six Puppy School group classes (held on Mondays in Muswell Hill and Wednesday evenings in Finchley), please book directly through the Puppy School website.

Puppy School University

Puppy University

When your Puppy School puppy training class has finished, or if your puppy is too old to attend our Puppy School classes, you may wish to join Puppy University classes.

Puppy University is a comprehensive, six week training programme, that has been specifically designed to improve the bond and working relationship between you and your dog, improving focus in distracting situations. Each training exercise gradually progresses from easy to more complex activities, building on your dog’s understanding and reliability each week.

The following exercises are taught at Puppy University:

  • Checking in
  • Building up a Retrieve
  • Verbal markers
  • Life Rewards
  • Weekly Tricks!
  • Developing ‘Leave’
  • Distance cues
  • Developing Loose lead walking
  • Developing ‘Stays’
  • Manners through gateways and doorways

The recommended age for puppies attending Puppy University classes is five months old (or as soon as your puppy has finished our Puppy School course or equivalent).

Puppy University is also suitable for those owners and dogs who have not attend Puppy School but who have already secured a basic level of training.

To discuss whether this course would be suitable for your puppy or dog, please get in touch.

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Puppy Masters

Puppy Masters is where we really get the dog to learn to use their brain. This reduces the likelihood of a dog ever becoming reactive because it engages their thinking brain rather than their emotional brain.

The Puppy Masters course will also teach you new ways to tire out your dog, so that long walks and bouncy adolescents are a thing of the past! In this course you will learn to really communicate with your dog at a high level.

Your dog will learn the following:

  • How to touch on command with their paw or nose
  • How to show you that they can identify different colours
  • How to show you that they can differentiate between big and small objects
  • How to show you that they can understand matching, for example, “Look at this ‘X’ and show me where it is in this group of letters”
  • Finding a scent
  • Taking things out and putting things in, on command

To discuss whether this course would be suitable for your puppy or dog, please get in touch.

Private Lessons


If you can’t make any of my group classes, I offer a course of four, private puppy training lessons at your home or other suitable location, such as a local park, during weekdays, evenings or at the weekend (please note prices vary).

I will tailor these bespoke lessons, based on your puppy’s needs and though private lessons may be more practical or convenient for you, it is still extremely important that your puppy gets as much socialisation with other puppies, dogs, cats, children, adults and other environments, outside private lessons.

Private lessons can be booked via my payments page.

If you have any questions, please call my PA Jayne on ‭07471 821696‬ or get in touch.