Adult Dog Training

Old dogs CAN learn new tricks!

I offer training and remedial training for older dogs, where your pet has picked up bad habits.

I can help you train your dog to do practically anything you would like because I train dogs for people with disabilities. If your dog runs off you may need help with recall. If they can’t walk to heel I can help with that. But also I can help you with scent work or gun-dog work if you have a gun-dog.

An adult dog training course, consists of a minimum of three, hour long lessons, in your home, or at a suitable location, such as your local park.

Lessons might include;

  • Learning to walk to heel
  • Improving off lead recall
  • Stopping at a distance
  • Scent work
  • Gun-dog training
  • Teaching dog assistance methods, if you have a disability
  • Learning new tricks!

If you have other, specific things, you’d like your dog to learn, let me know and I can taylor a private training course accordingly.