One-to-One Training Package for Puppies – (4 x 1hr sessions)

One-to-one private puppy training package, with email/phone remote support. Get your puppy off to the BEST start.


One to One Training Package for Adult Dogs – (4 x 1 hr sessions)

One-to-one online adult dog training package, with email/phone remote support. This option is great to help new rescue dogs settle in.


Recall Package – (2 x 1hr sessions)

The first session sets the groundwork, and in the second, we go out and put it into practise (COVID permitting).


Dog or Cat Behaviour Package – following vet referral

2 hour initial consult and assessment. Behavioural report. 3 x 1 hr follow up sessions. Remote support for the duration (text or email me anytime!). 5 hours of contact time.


Dog Assessment For Councils/Adoption Agencies or Airlines

Behavioural assessment for, or on behalf of, local councils or adoption agencies, to ensure the dog is safe around children or a family, or safe to travel on planes. Includes a 1 x 2hr assessment, report, and certificate of safety where required.


Professional Animal Behaviourist Court Representation

Professional animal behaviourist representation in court, should you be prosecuted under the Dangerous Dogs Act (1991).


Follow-On session – For anything you like! Tricks! Training! Fun!

Book a 1 hr follow-on session for behaviour or training. Or simply to have some fun! I can teach your dog to help you load your washing machine, bring you your post, tidy away. Anything you like! Remote support included (text me anytime!). Exiting clients only!