Understanding & Eliminating Pet Behaviour Problems

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Why do I need a behaviour counsellor?

A pet whose behaviour has become difficult is often unhappy, and a nightmare, rather than a joy to own. Although vets are great at sorting out physical problems, only a trained pet behaviour counsellor can help find out why your pet is behaving badly and develop a solution you are happy with, so that you end up with a well-behaved, polite, valued, and loved addition to the family.

Problem behaviour rarely gets better of its own accord, and usually gets worse. So it’s best to contact a pet behaviour counsellor as soon as possible after the behaviour develops.

One of the main reasons why pets are re-homed or destroyed is because of behaviour issues. It is my aim to reduce that number, and help you to develop a harmonious relationship between you and your pet.

What problems do pets have?

If your pet dog, cat, rabbit, rodent, reptile (or whatever companion animal you own), is displaying any sort of behaviour that’s a problem to you, help is available. I mainly treat dogs and cats, but the general principles of how their ancestors would have behaved in the wild, how they have had to adapt to live with people, and how they learn, can be applied to any species.

Dog problems vary greatly, but include barking, chewing and destructiveness, aggression, problems with children, difficulty in the car or at the vet’s, chasing (of livestock, postmen, bicycles etc.), digging, inappropriate toileting, eating faeces, difficulty with being left alone, phobias and fears, stealing, guarding and flank licking.

Cat problems include toileting in inappropriate places, indoor spraying, aggression, fearfulness, problems with taking them to the vet, and scratching of the furniture.

“…Will carry on with all the things you have taught us in the classes. Truffle and I enjoyed them and you have refreshed my knowledge in such a nice way. You have a lovely manner and I am glad we chose your classes. If in the future I need any guidance we shall be in touch.” Mary Jane

“We so loved our classes with you…Gandalf is well trained (most of the time..!) thanks to you and all you taught us…he’s our first dog…xx” Daphne

“Just wanted to say thank you for the classes which have been incredibly useful and hopefully have equipped Dexter and me to learn how to fit into each other’s lives…a man stopped me to ask how I had managed to make him ‘so good at walking on the lead.” Jan

“This is an extremely belated note to thank you for all your help and advice while Georgie was at puppy school. I really did value being able to ask you for help while I was feeling unsure about things. Thank you.” Neil

“The kids (and me) were really sad not to finish off the course with our group – it has been such a lovely experience for us all & Fletcher is coming on a treat!” Alison

“I didn’t get chance to say thank you last night at puppy school! It has been great fun and I never expected Tooley to learn all those commands!” Jo

“Thank you Pen, for being one of Milo’s helpers, and for helping us very much too. It was a pleasure to meet you and to experience your beautiful teaching.” Karen

“All in all, I’m delighted – he’s done better than I imagined he would and is fitting into my lifestyle quite well.” Jay

“We could not have done it without you.” Penny



“We and katie have come a million miles since we reached out to you in September last year. She is such a different dog and we are so much more relaxed!” Carol

“Penaran’s advice is sound, it works and it’s so obvious that it comes from a place of knowledge and genuine care for the dog.” Caroline

“Without Pen our baby Bronn (cat) would not be her wonderful self today. She was so stressed and losing hair but, thanks to Pen’s advice, Bronn is improving day by day and returning to her younger more cheerful self. I cannot recommend Pen more highly or with more enthusiasm. Thank you Pen. You’re a miracle worker.” Naomi

“Just a little update on Jack! He is doing really well! First he got much more relaxed in the office, and now we even managed to get him signed up to one of the dog sitters you recommended. She seems to be getting on well, we met in a cafe for the first time, she brought lots of cheese and there was no problem whatsoever when she came to our flat. It’s his second day with her and all looks good!Thanks for all your help 😉 Christoph

“Thank you very much for giving me the confidence to work with Nacho in a calm and controlled manner. There is still a lot of work to do but this was a great start.” Vanessa

“Roger is calmer and happier overall, and he is much less barky around other dogs. He’s put on even more weight, and we’re more confident as owners.” Tom

“Gilly now (nearly) patiently lets me clip his nails, but he goes straight to the kitchen afterwards, waiting for his chicken reward..this has taken ages to achieve but would’ve been impossible if I’d rushed him..I totally believe in you & your methods, you’re great! 🙂 X” Jo