“Gizmo has had some really excellent days and I’m really looking forward to updating you properly. He has been brilliant with strangers. He has made 4 new dog friends with no incident at all. I can see the old Gizmo coming back to me. All thanks to you so am delighted!” Jenny

“Pen has been so helpful when we’ve had issues with our dog and cat. We’ve always been able to get an appointment/phone call quite quickly and she gives loads of advice tailored to our situation. She always follows up with how things are going and makes herself available for questions after the consultations. Highly recommended.” Amy

“Pen has been wonderful and our dog Coco has made huge improvement since she was involved. I love her compassionate approach, making sure we are understanding what we are doing and keeping in touch along the way. Would highly recommend.” Hannah

“Pen is a lovely person who cares about animals more than anyone I know. She always has the pet’s best interest at heart and is passionate about doing things properly… no cutting corners for her! She will tell it to you straight and give you detailed advice & steps about how to achieve your goals and overcome any issues that your pet may have.” Karen

“A true professional loves dogs and understands what needs to be done to help yours. Highly recommend if your having behaviour problems with your 4 legged friend give her a call.” Neil

“It’s been amazing actually! Since you came and I changed things up Fangs has not weed anywhere ONCE which is AMAZING! ….I’ll keep you updated of any change, thank you so much for everything you’ve done” ❤️ Caroline

“We have been working with Penaran on relaxing ‘Vulric’ [a wolf dog] around food, especially outside of the home. At the moment we do a lot of impulse control games in a variety of locations, and are trying to take it slow by going to more coffee shops with V, instead of restaurants with tons of food. This makes it a little easier for him to resist. He is settling down and supposedly snoozing, but always seems aware enough to lift his big wolf face if a waiter is passing by with food to serve. We hired Penaran because we heard of how knowledgeable and invested she is – and she has taken the time to get to know ‘Vulric’ and us, how he ticks and how we work together, to design exercises around our specific setup. Training communities are great and I love that so many of you trust me enough to ask for advice, but nothing replaces having someone qualified be physically present to watch your interactions and teach you new and betters ways to do things.” Lora

“We and katie have come a million miles since we reached out to you in September last year. She is such a different dog and we are so much more relaxed!” Carol

“Without Pen our baby Bronn (cat) would not be her wonderful self today. She was so stressed and losing hair but, thanks to Pen’s advice, Bronn is improving day by day and returning to her younger more cheerful self. I cannot recommend Pen more highly or with more enthusiasm. Thank you Pen. You’re a miracle worker.” Naomi

“Penaran’s advice is sound, it works and it’s so obvious that it comes from a place of knowledge and genuine care for the dog.” Caroline

“Just a little update on Jack! He is doing really well! First he got much more relaxed in the office, and now we even managed to get him signed up to one of the dog sitters you recommended. She seems to be getting on well, we met in a cafe for the first time, she brought lots of cheese and there was no problem whatsoever when she came to our flat. It’s his second day with her and all looks good!Thanks for all your help” 😉 Christoph

“Thank you very much for giving me the confidence to work with Nacho in a calm and controlled manner. There is still a lot of work to do but this was a great start.” Vanessa

“Roger is calmer and happier overall, and he is much less barky around other dogs. He’s put on even more weight, and we’re more confident as owners.” Tom

“Gilly now (nearly) patiently lets me clip his nails, but he goes straight to the kitchen afterwards, waiting for his chicken reward..this has taken ages to achieve but would’ve been impossible if I’d rushed him..I totally believe in you & your methods, you’re great! 🙂 X” Jo

“Thank you so much for coming around again and seeing how much Genco has improved with the advice and guidance you have given us. He’s doing very well, though we understand he is a working progress and will continue working on him.” Marcia

“It is no exaggeration to say that when I called Penaran I was utterly desperate. For about 7 years one of my two cats had been ‘marking his territory” by urinating in the house in more and more areas. There was hardly a surface, a bed, a jacket or almost anything in the house which hadn’t been doused. Even a good friend who was sitting talking to me was given an incredibly well-aimed attack and had to leave at once to go home and have a shower! Behaviour like this was obviously highly embarrassing not to mention the stench in the house and the damage to furniture, books, clothes and other things. As if this wasn’t enough the other cat had started imitating this behaviour which he took to be the cool thing to do.From the first time Pen visited my house, studied the set-up and began to give me the benefit of her profound knowledge of cats I began to feel some hope for a change. By following her precious advice, given with patience and understanding, both my cats have completely stopped urinating around the house and are walking around with glittering halos. I can’t say how grateful I am to have met Pen as her help has turned around an unlivable situation.” Jan

“Pen Higgs did a fantastic job coaching me in how to train my exuberant handful of a Cocker Spaniel to stop;

  • Pulling like crazy on his lead
  • Barking in inappropriate situations
  • Displaying jealousy of his terrier housemate
  • Being frightened of the vacuum cleaner
  • Running off on walks
  • And much, much, more

Even if you’ve read the Puppy Training books and attended classes Pen takes it all to the next level.  From Pen you come to understand why your dog does what he does and how to address it. She will spend time with you and your dog and provides lots of notes with helpful instructions and tips for practice.  Thanks to her I now have an exceptionally well behaved exuberant Cocker Spaniel and I know I couldn’t have done it without her. Thanks a million Pen.” Patricia

“I hired Pen to help me understand my dog, as he started to dislike one of his fellow office dogs seemingly without reason. She collected so much information, both in written and then discussion format, and clearly takes very thought-through decisions rather than jumping to cookie-cutter techniques. My adolescent, entire male was back to being happy, walking with the other dog within 20 minutes of Pen training with us – not saying this because she is a miracle-worker and not expecting for issues to be fixed in this time frame, but rather an example of how accurate her assessment of behaviour is, and the training techniques she then recommends to suit this. After our meeting, she followed up with a list of exercises that we are now working through. I feel confident in sticking to the plan she devised for us, and I have found her very responsive where I have had any follow up questions, which is frankly a surprise given her busy schedule and I am not taking for granted. I would absolutely pay her again if I have a new behavioural issue with my dog, I think it is the best proof that professional help is worth every penny and I have recommended her to a number of other owners already.” Lora

“Pen had loads of ideas to help us with our young dog who had become very fearful of noises. She never made us feel that we had done anything wrong and had a lovely friendly and helpful manner. He is now much better but she is helping us with another problem which arose after he got bitten recently, yet this was not part of the original contract at all. We are very grateful for everything she is doing for us.” Dianne

“I can’t thank you enough for your support and guidance – it’s made all the difference in being able to help Lewis and Baxter settle in together and build positive habits. The timing of the last lesson you gave us was impeccable. It really nipped the burgeoning difficulties in the bud and helped my confidence with them too.” Marian

“I don’t think any other method would have worked for June, our 3yo rescued Lab mix bread. We were completely lost (June and us!) when she arrived, 5 months ago, and have now a happy dog, able to socialise and enjoy her walks off the leash…it seemed impossible back then!” Natalia

“Penaran is a really great dog trainer and behaviourist. She helped us a lot with our little naughty dog Shlomi who has anxieties and resource guarding problems. Penaran helped us to figure out his problems and created a plan on how to tackle it. I can highly recommend her and I wish I had found her a bit earlier when my dog was still a bit younger. Thank you Pen!” Nora

“My little girl was quite a worry with her guarding, and with Pens help and advice I feel much better in handling it, and she has improved so much! She still has work to do, but thats on me to just keep on following the plan which Pen had laid out, thank you.” Dante

“My labradoodle Bella was so fearful of being taken on a train that she would refuse to walk in the direction of any railway station or railway line, and would refuse to walk under railway bridges. She would also refuse to go out in the dark and eventually began refusing any route other than the route to the park. By building up her confidence at home, she will now venture out after dark to get a sausage, will run and walk under/ over railway bridges and is generally willing to try different routes for our street walks. It is early days and we are taking it slowly so I am not going to try taking her on a train until she is much more confident.” Linda

“I cannot tell you how pleased and proud I am. It is such a huge relief – Alfie can now climb onto my bed at night (now the officially preferred sleeping space of both kittens) without the stress of his wet urine soaked feet. Also, no urine and poopy mess to clear in the morning or evening. Pure stress free bliss! It all feels so wonderful – such a huge weight lifted!” Sharon

“Pen has been so totally brilliant in helping me and my children come up with kind and clever ways to understand and engage and train our new puppy. She has patiently shown us how to encourage him to do the things we want him to do, with lots of idea on how to distract him when he wants to do the opposite! She has sent detailed notes to refer back to after each session and is always available on text or email for any questions. Really feel like we have learned so much from her and would recommend her 100%.” Michelle